Sign Up Now! Workshop III for the 2023 NTU IMP: How to Succeed at Your Workplace

30 May 2023


In completing the final workshop series of preparing students for the 2023 NTU International Mentorship Program, NTU OIA will hold the third workshop at the beginning of June, right before students start their internship. The workshop fits well for students who would like to stay in Taiwan after graduation, understand multicultural environments and overcome language, culture, and other barriers to succeed in the workplace. 

The first half will feature three senior executives from different industries to share their learning experiences and current career status to help students explore the diverse aspects of career development. In the second half, we will host a panel discussion and Q&A session, sharing the culture shocks and communication challenges that students may encounter when working in Taiwan, which will help students fit in nicely once they enter the workplace in the future.

Event Information

  • Date: June 12th, 2023 (Mon.)
  • Time: 13:30 - 16:30
  • Venue: B1 Socrates, GIS NTU Convention Center
  • Registration Deadline: June 6th, 2023 (Tue.) 


  •  Mr Johnny Wu, Head of Global Relations of NTU OIA

List of speakers:

  • Mr Rahil Ansari, CEO & Chairman, Volkswagen Group Taiwan
  • Mr Alain Correia, Chairman and President, Thales Taiwan & Japan
  • Mr Oliver CHANG, Co-Founder & COO, Impact Hub Taipei

If you are interested, please register at:

* This workshop will be limited to the first 150 people who register!
*Those admitted to or successfully applied for the 2023 NTU IMP will be given priority.
*The event is entirely conducted in English.
*A record of 3 lifelong learning hours will be provided after participation

Get cracking and go for it now!

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