Taiwan Art Gallery Association

Taiwan Art Gallery Association



By the end of 1980s, in the age of Taiwan Economic Miracle, the number of galleries grew rapidly during the art market boom. Due to the lack of an effective organization needed to coordinate galleries’ businesses, people of the art industry wanted to fill the void by forming one. On June 8, 1992, Taiwan Art Gallery Association (TAGA) was registered as an official organization. Continuing with the development of art industry, TAGA also expanded its scope of business, which is mainly divided into three different fields: Aministrative Centre, Art Fair and Taipei Art Economy Research Centre (TAERC).

Administrative Centre
Administrative Center looks to expand the depth of its services, which provides comprehensive services to its members, including scheduling and managing the overseas investigation, overseas exhibition affairs, appraisal services, membership badge promotions, counterfeit complaints and other related services.

Art Fair
The art fairs are organized by TAGA on annual basis, mainly to widen the breadth of the industry of art galleries. In 1995, TAGA transformed its art fair into what it is today: international art event in Taipei City. When art fairs in Asia were being cancelled one after another during the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis, only Taipei Art Fair was able to weather the storm. In 2005, in view of the market trend of the 21st century, TAGA decided to rename Taipei Art Fair to ART TAIPEI, and to focus on contemporary, young Asian art. TAGA also organized several regional art fairs, including the first ART TAINAN in 2012, ART TAICHUNG in 2013, ART SOLO in 2014.

Taipei Art Economy Research Centre
Owing to the need to develop the industry of art galleries in Taiwan and promote related policies, TAGA established its first affiliate, Taipei Art Economy Research Centre (TAERC), in June 2010. It is responsible for environment study, trend research and data analysis, providing various surveys, suggestions, warnings and trend reports for the art gallery industry and the government as references for policymaking and promotion. TAERC also organizes exhibitions and activities, such as the first Taiwan Art Gallery Week in 2012, which connected all the galleries in Taiwan, and TAD Festival in 2014, an event that promoted the concept of art streets.

TAGA not only provide services to its members but also carry on promoting the visual art industry to the international art market as the goal, in order to lead the industry towards flourishing and vigorous in Taiwan.


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