Special Collaboration

ECCT Low Carbon Initiative (LCI)

The European Chamber of Commerce Taiwan (ECCT) in 2011 spearheaded the Low Carbon Initiative (LCI) to introduce the European policies and showcase the best European low carbon solutions across a broad range of industries, to raise awareness about sustainable development and promote the adoption of low carbon solutions in order to help Taiwan to reduce its carbon emissions.


LCI Structure


The LCI in 2017 analyzed Taiwan government’s 5+2 policy and the LCI members’ core competencies, set up six categories: Green Energy, Green Financing, Green Mobility, Smart Cities, Smart Manufacturing, Circular Economy. Later in 2020, based on Taiwan’s policy movement from 2020 to 2024, the LCI has created the three working groups: Green Finance, Environmental Social Governance (ESG) and Corporate PPA working group, Eco-mobility & Eco-logistics working group, Sustainable Supply Chain working group under the existing 6 categories.


To do this, the LCI arranges workshops, seminars and conferences together with government agencies and local industries where members can showcase their expertise, best practices and experience. The events are designed to attract participation by corporations, government and non-governmental organisations and on occasion, also the general public.


The LCI, been highly acknowledged and supported by government, industry and academia, has formed strong partnership with key stakeholders in Taiwan. The LCI's membership has risen notably from 14 to 81 since 2013.

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