Orientation and Workshop

【Workshop】2022 NTU IMP Workshop II: How to Stand out in Interviews

11 March 2022

Genuineness is a crucial characteristic of interviewing, but do we really have to be honest about our strengths and weaknesses?

NTU OIA launched the second career workshop of the NTU International Mentorship Program, hosted by Johnny Wu, Head of Global Relations. Special guests were invited to speak, including @IKEA.Taiwan North Asia Sustainability Manager Linda Wang, Key Account Manager Terry Chien, @EricssonTaiwan Vice President and CTO Dann Yao as well as Chiayo Kuo, Chairman of the @TaiwanDigitalDiplomacy , where they shared with students how to stand out in interviews.

▌Guidelines to preparing for interviews

Manager Linda Wang believes in love at first sight. From the moment we walk into the interview room, we must be able to create an “invincible” atmosphere. Dann Yao, the Chief Technical Officer, thinks that the interview is a battle of offense and defense. Every question and requirement is carefully designed to fit the needs of the job vacancy. From our answers, he can see a person's potential. Personal stories are very important to Chairman Chiayo Kuo. Whether it is our life experience or future plans, it is how she begins understands the interviewee. Manager Terry Chien pointed out that it is extremely important to understand the background of the company by doing individual research online.

▌How to answer the classic question - analyzing your own strengths and weaknesses?

Genuineness is the attitude that all speakers agree on and that must be shown during an interview. However, often what makes our interviews insincere is the fear that honest answers can be damaging.

How should we answer a question that to analyze our strengths and weaknesses? A US student of Master’s Program in Biodiversity asked.

Dann Yao reminded students not to spill all our skills and strength out during the stage of self-introduction, but remain some in case of this question. Chiayo Kuo also mentioned that different works require different characteristics and personality. While being sincere, we must also avoid shortcomings that may affect the results of our work, and most importantly, we must remember that our efforts to improve them also count.

Students from Spain, Haiti and other countries also asked if it’s appropriate to ask about salary in the interview, which questions to ask the interviewer at the end of the interview, and whether the interviewer will check social media accounts, etc.

NTU OIA is currently planning the last workshop, so stay tuned!