For Students

what to expect

Mentors Across All Sectors

NTU International Mentorship Program is designed with a mentorship-style structure, with the intention of advancing students’ professional and practical skills through constructive mentorship.

Training Workshops

All participating students are to complete the training workshops organized by NTU OIA prior to the internship. Contents of the workshops include CV writing, interview skills, and workplace communication. By participating in the workshops, students can become more familiar with career skills.

Corporate Visits

Corporate visits prior to the internship not only help students familiarize themselves with workplace culture in Taiwan but also provide them with a brief introduction to the landscape of the partner organizations.

Cultural Activities

With the cultural activities held by NTU OIA, students have opportunities to delve deeper into the uniqueness and complexities of Taiwanese culture while exploring beautiful sights and scenes outside of Taipei City.

Course Credits

Those who get selected as an intern can earn extra 2 credits for GPA after completion of the summer internship.

Turing Certs

Every student who successfully completes the NTU International Mentorship Program will receive a blockchain certificate co-issued by NTU OIA and the host organization.



Students participating in the program will get a 3-month Advanced Plan for CakeResume.

Contract, Insurance, and Accommodation

To protect the rights and interests of each student, NTU OIA will sign an internship contract with each host organization. As for Insurance, NTU OIA will offer Student Group Insurance during the internship, which is designated by the Ministry of Education. Accommodations will also be provided / recommended / reserved by the companies or NTU OIA.


The host organization MAY or MAY NOT provide internship subsidies. Subsidies or benefits to interns are subject to the discretion of the host organizations and also according to the stipulations of the student’s visa.