The Right Path for Your Career
The Right Path for Your Career
The NTU International Mentorship Program is the first summer internship program tailor-made for international degree-seeking students at National Taiwan University (NTU). The program aims to facilitate the linkage between Taiwan and the global talent market; as well as, to inspire the leaders of tomorrow.
NTU is a world-leading university and the largest and most comprehensive university in Taiwan. Its rich research capacity attracts close to 3,000 foreign students from 70 countries to study at NTU each year. Although the international employment performance of NTU graduates is the highest in Taiwan (51st in the world in terms of QS Graduate Employability Rankings 2022), international students at NTU also face similar challenges to most other international students in Taiwan. Due to language and cultural barriers and the lack of a local network, many of them end up seeking employment in other countries upon graduation.
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NTU thus is launching this mentorship-style internship program tailor-made for international students at NTU. In this program, NTU OIA invites the senior executives and managers of government agencies, foreign organizations, corporations, start-ups, chambers, research institutions, and non-profit organizations to serve as mentors for our international students. We hope to provide an opportunity for the students to put their theoretical learnings into practice, and at the same time, inspire the students to lean into new perspectives within their life and career.
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