To deepen and diversify our collaborations with NTU’s partner universities internationally and attract foreign talents to come to Taiwan for their professional development, the NTU International Mentorship Program is forming a Global Talent Alliance (hereinafter referred to as GTA) with our partner universities, inviting them to send students to Taiwan to participate in the NTU International Mentorship Program starting in 2023.

Taiwan is a hub of trade, industry, and travel in Asia. This program provides those students from the GTA with a unique opportunity to have a glimpse of Taiwan’s industry environment and to develop an international network in a multicultural setting, with the support of Taiwan’s leading academic institution, National Taiwan University.

Moreover, before the internship officially begins, there will be preliminary workshops, corporate visits, cultural activities, and orientation sessions for all the students to be well-prepared for their future careers. We hope to transform NTU into an international internship hub and contribute to a system of global opportunities for students from all over the world. If you are interested in this program, please contact the office in charge of international exchange at your university. Currently, our Global Talent Alliance includes:

Our Partners