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【Workshop】2022 NTU IMP Workshop III:How to Succeed at Different Workplaces

16 June 2022


【How to Succeed at Different Workplaces?】

The 2022 NTU International Mentorship Program Workshop III  invited three executives from our IMP partner companies to share their career developments and insights in different workplaces. Every guest provided key insights into how you succeed at diverse workplaces based on their personal and organizational experience. This session gathered an outstanding  140 NTU youths from more than 20 countries to participate. 

 Andrew  Wylegala highlighted that in the public sector, you might not find a coherent training and management program, so you must personally manage your career and take it as a whole other job for which you should be responsible. Marilyn Su pointed out that people often say seeing is believing, but to carry out CSR when you believe thoroughly enough, you can truly make it happen. Finally, Po Chen reminded students that Asians tend to be far too humble. In business, you must ensure that you make others notice your performance, not only your supervisor but executives as well.

Career Advice

  • "Rise to strategic level thinking and create connections between activities. Those experiences become your future opportunities." Andrew Wylegala- AmCham President 
  • "I believe in "don't choose the job." You don't have to do the job in one specific way. It is the person who makes the job different." Marilyn Su- Carrefour Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Director and Foundation Chief Director
  • "Educational training is very important. However, you have to do it by yourself. You must keep learning." Po Chen- Signify Taiwan Head of Professional Chanel


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