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【Corporate Visit】Porsche Taiwan inspires the leaders of tomorrow through sustainability and diversity

13 April 2022

The future of mobility can only be successfully shaped with a diversified workforce, and this idea contributes fully to the sustainability strategy of Porsche Taiwan. Porsche Taiwan is highly invested in escalating the Porsche experience, including establishing professional expertise and developing exceptional talent, with the ultimate goal of providing services that exceed customer expectations every step of the way.

On March 31st, Porsche Taiwan welcomed twenty-two international students from the National Taiwan University (NTU) to Porsche Taiwan's People Excellence Centre for the university's International Mentorship Program. During the corporate visit, students had the chance to learn more about the Porsche brand and its subsidiary in Taiwan. Porsche Taiwan also gave NTU alumni a short but exciting presentation on Porsche's revolutionary electric vehicle, Taycan, and its 2030 sustainability strategies. 

"People make the difference. And this is also true for Porsche Taiwan. Porsche's strength definitely comes from our products and services, but the real difference comes from the people behind it. Bringing like-minded professionals together by facilitating new ideas inspires future generations and is therefore essential," says Mr. Ralph Uhlmann, Interim CEO of Porsche Taiwan.

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