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NTU OIA x KKday Recruitment Orientation (Dec. 22)

24 December 2022

This semester, Office of International Affairs is launching a new program, NTU International Talents+, with a series of events to help international students explore their ideal careers.
For the first event, we collaborated with Taiwanese startup company @KKday to hold a recruitment orientation for Japanese and Korean students and alumni who have good command of Chinese and are interested in business development, marketing, e-commerce, and tourism. 
Derek Hsu, the Principal of the Talent Development Center who also leads the Human Resources Business Partners along with a Specialist the Talent Development Center, introduced KKday’s global arrangement and a Management Associate program (#MAProgram) attracting NTU Japanese and South Korean students in Taiwan.
▌The interviewers share the content of the project
In this recruitment orientation, KKday’s three program interviewers introduced the MA program to the Japanese and Korean students. The program’s aim is to encourage rotations among the five departments in the Taiwan headquarters during the first year, and based on their expertise, return to work in Japan or South Korea for the second year and become the liaison between the branch office and the headquarters in Taiwan.

▌NTU Students’ high engagement
"As a Taiwanese start-up company, what is the age and gender distribution of employees in the Japanese branch? Is the workplace culture different from ordinary Japanese companies?" "With the spread of a pandemic, the tourism industry has been severely impacted. After KKday completed round C of fundraising last year, what are future plans for development?”
NTU Japanese and South Korean students are not only interested in the MA program, but are also curious about the integration of the corporate development stages and the multinational corporate culture.

▌Interview and C.V writing skills sharing
“When applying for a job at KKday, a resume with the phrase ‘I can do anything’ is the one I do not want to see the most." Principal Hsu shared that he believes everyone has their own strengths, weaknesses, and enthusiasm. He also said that “even if you lack those specific experiences, you can show your potential in relevant skills through ordinary life experiences.”
▌KKday and NTU International Mentorship Program
KKday is one of the largest travel experience platforms in Asia, with the core concept of solving travelers’ problems. It has 10 overseas offices and provides more than 30,000 travel itineraries in 550 cities from 92 countries around the world.
KKday is also a part of the NTU International Mentorship Program! Check out thier informatioan in our website now!

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