Corporate Visits

Southbound Corporate visit to ENERCON Taiwan and Argo Yacht

14 May 2022

On this occasion, NTU OIA had the opportunity to lead 35 young talents from 18 countries to visit two of our IMP member companies: ENERCON Taiwan and ARGO Yacht Club. Our group had the pleasure of having Mr. Bart Linssen, the Managing Director at ENERCON Taiwan and the ECCT Director of the Board, introduce the history of wind energy development in Taiwan. The students also had a chance to climb up the wind turbine models, experiencing the life of a wind turbine technician.

On our second visit to Argo Yacht Club, Mr. Arthur Hu, the Sales Vice General Manager at ARGO Yacht, introduced the recent and future marine leisure industry developments in southern Taiwan. Moreover, the students also got on the yacht to learn about this fascinating business model. As it was our first time leaving Taipei to visit our partner companies, we are hopeful this experience inspired the students with new perspectives on career development. 

To understand more about the local culture and development, we also visited the Youth Travel Spot in Meishan, Chiayi, as part of our tour of South Taiwan. In addition, our NTU students visited Alishan and the Southern Branch of the National Palace Museum to appreciate the priceless treasures and stunning scenery. We hope everyone had a good time and learned much on the trip!

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