Orientation and Workshop

【Orientation】60 NTU students from 22 countries set off on their internships through the 2022 NTU International Mentorship Program

17 June 2022


60 NTU students from 22 different nations left today for their internships! All the NTU International Mentorship Program students about to begin their internship gathered for today's orientation on our campus in Gongguan. Prof. Hsiao-Wei Yuan, vice president for international affairs, emphasized to the students that they are first and foremost ambassadors for NTU. Students are encouraged to express their ideas freely and without fear. Indeed, the host companies, organizations, and mentors will be impressed with NTU's talents. All of the pupils received custom company name cards from OIA, enabling the students to get their foot in the Taiwanese labor market. Overall, students from 33 departments will perform an internship at 40 different organizations as part of the 2022 NTU International Mentorship Program.


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