Appreciation Banquet

【Appreciation Banquet】Festive Gathering at IMP Appreciation Banquet

30 November 2023

The second edition of the NTU International Mentorship Program (IMP) has reached a successful conclusion, with the Appreciation Banquet serving as a highlight. Attended by nearly 200 mentors, students, and distinguished guests, including Executive Vice President Prof. Shih-Torng Ding, Vice President for International Affairs Prof. Hsiao-Wei Yuan, and Chairman of the European Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Giuseppe Izzo. The event celebrated the collaborative efforts dedicated to nurturing international talents at NTU. In a gesture of gratitude, each mentor received a thoughtfully crafted co-branded coffee gift box containing aromatic NTU coffee from the Office of International Affairs. 

The banquet featured engaging performances, such as the impressive singing by Mr. Brandon Thompson, Chairman of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Taiwan, and a spectacular rendition by Mr. Steven Hendric, an Indonesian intern at Taipei Zoo. Dynamic Kung Fu Yoga performances by Mr. Benjamin Wang, the Director of Communications, and Mr. William Musslin, a Course Engineer at TLI - Taipei Language Institute, added to the event's vibrancy. Guests also enjoyed freshly brewed coffee from Zhanlu Coffee, delightful Bassetts Ice Creams from the Minnesota State Government Office in Taiwan, animal welfare ingredient desserts by Carrefour, and an Indonesian food and culture booth arranged by Indonesian students. The participants skillfully showcased their talents, providing guests with a rich multi-sensory experience of visuals, sounds, and flavors. 

As the second edition wraps up, the application process for the third edition of the IMP is already underway, set to conclude on March 8th. With the inclusion of almost 40 new internship organizations, the program is well-positioned to provide a myriad of thrilling job opportunities, guiding more students towards diverse and promising career paths. If you aspire to step out of your comfort zone next summer and systematically outline your career trajectory with the support of industry mentors, the 2024 NTU International Mentorship Program stands as your optimal choice!

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