Orientation and Workshop

【Orientation】NTU OIA commemorates total of 106 students for internships through the 2023 Int'l Mentorship Program

14 June 2023

A total of 106 students, soon to be called interns from 30 different countries, were admitted by 70 institutions (including enterprise, public sector and third sector) offering internship opportunities this summer, which is two-fold the number of admitted interns in 2022! Under the guidance of 75 mentors, admitted interns will develop professional competence and hone their skill sets before unfolding future careers!

Professor Jiun-Haw Lee, Associate Vice President for International Affairs, greeted the interns with acknowledgement and encouragement, highlighting the role switch from a university student to an intern at a company in the upcoming journey. We hope IMP will serve as a bridge with immersive internship experiences for students aspiring to stay and work in Taiwan after graduation.

Cheers to a rewarding journey ahead for all selected interns this summer!