Orientation and Workshop

【Workshop】2023 NTU IMP Workshop III: How to Succeed at Your Workplace

12 June 2023

How to Succeed at Your Workplace

Finally came to the third workshop of our NTU International Mentorship Program, we invited three senior executives from our partner companies to give an insights of the workplace for our NEWBIES. Three of the guests shared the importance of communicaiton at the workplace according to their personal experience. Our guests aimed at helping students comprehend the art of communications prior to work their summer internship. 

 Career advice

  • "The key is to respect and be nice to people. If you respect them, soon, they will respect you." Mr. Rahil Ansari, CEO & Chairman, Volkswagen Group Taiwan
  • "You will not succeed if you are alone. You need to be a team player." Mr. Alain Correia, Chairman and President, Thales Taiwan & Japan
  • "Enjoy every moment. Try fast, fail fast and learn fast." Mr. Oliver Chang, Co-Founder & COO, Impact Hub Taipei

Their sharing revolved around not only the standards and requirements for talents in respective industries but also effective and strategic communication skills under different cultural contexts.Other than the one-way presentation session, students were also able to interact and exchange discussions on the site, facilitating dialogues on how to prepare for in future careers!