Orientation and Workshop

【Workshop】2023 NTU IMP Workshop II: How to Stand Out in Interviews

28 March 2023

【How to Enable Yourself to Stand Out in Interviews】

As our 2023 International Mentorship Program (IMP) catalyzing collaboration between corporates and students unfolds, here's a quick snapshot of our second workshop themed "How to Enable Yourself to Stand Out in Interviews." Over 140 students and teachers from 25 countries attended this event. Three renowned representatives from enterprises and chambers of commerce provided an overview of their organizations and shared their career development stories entailing opportunities and challenges.

Our guests expressed the importance of highlighting a candidate's selling points with a deep understanding of their strengths and to whom they are presented. Students also learned that "value" is a critical component to be discussed in an interview, making the interviewer feel that you care about your and the company's future.

Career Advice 

  • "Ask yourself three questions before looking for a job: "Big company? Small company? Self-employed?" "Specialist? Generalist?" "Do you want to leave your comfort zone?" Mr. Jay Mao- Chairman of Michelin Taiwan 

  • "Failure is the process of growth. Keep practicing!" Mr. Stéphane Peden- General Manager of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry France Taiwan (CCIFT)

  • "Resume and interview go hand in hand; therefore, attitude is paramount. Be confident, but don't boast!" Mr. Thomas Ho- Vice President of Business Development of Ubiik

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