Orientation and Workshop

【Workshop】2023 NTU IMP Workshop I: How to Sell Yourself for Different Fields

14 December 2022

【How to Sell Yourself for Different Fields】

On December 6th, NTU OIA organized its first workshop for the 2023 International Mentorship Program, themed "How to Sell Yourself for Different Fields." NTU OIA is honored to have three renowned speakers joining us and sharing their insightful work experience and career advice in their respective industries. We are confident that our 140+ students and faculty members from 24 countries who attended and engaged with our speakers learned much from their experience.

As emphasized by Mr. Devlin, the key to job application is one's attitude. Developing a well-written cover letter to make your CV stand out from a vast pool of resumes and demonstrating your attitude, enthusiasm, and interest in a particular position is critical. Mr. Stokes further explained the importance of presenting yourself after getting through the door. He mentioned that the most crucial step is what sells you to the organization, which the job applicant's presentation will primarily determine. Due to his young age, Mr. Jeff Hu indicated that results are the expectations for hiring. Job candidates must handle high pressure and learn fast to be qualified for open positions.

Career Advice

  • "Everybody has dreams, but dreams don't come true overnight. They only come true when you work for them." Mr. Dereck D. Devlin- General Manager of Atlas Copco Taiwan
  • "Work on your weaknesses. Don't ignore or bury them under the carpet. Instead, work on them." Mr. Richard Stokes- British Chamber of Commerce in Taipei
  • "Whether you think you can or think you can't, you are right." Mr. Jeff Hu- Founder and CEO of TuringCerts