【Organization】CancerFree Biotech wins USD$ 1 million at “Meet the Drapers”

05 January 2023


Mentorship Program organization CancerFree Biotech recently received 1 million USD (approximately NT$32 million) in venture capital prize from the world-known reality show ¨Meet the Drapers¨. Po Chen's founder and CEO’s award-winning idea consists of their innovative technology allowing more efficient testing with different anticancer drugs.

Through the program’s recall system, viewers at home managed to bring CancerFree Biotech back into the competition, eventually helping them achieve joint first place in hand with American startup, It’s Skinny. This achievement is strongly significant considering that the competition hosted 36 brilliant companies from all corners of the globe; Canada, India, the United States, Brazil, Taiwan, and Portugal.

We are excited to have Po Chen with his company CancerFree Biotech as one of the mentors in our International Mentorship Program, providing marketing and engineering internship positions for our students at NTU.

*Meet the Drapers is a Silicon Valley-based reality show where entrepreneurs from all regions of the world pitch their business ideas in front of Tim Draper and his family with the opportunity of winning USD$1million. The show consists of learning and experiencing each region’s entrepreneurial ecosystem where viewers at home play a supporting role in rooting for their regions - making it a show with a global reach.

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Watch Po Chen and CancerFree Biotech as well as the other Taiwanese teams pitch their ideas:

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