【Mentor】MuckerLab is optimistic of Taiwan’s B2B SaaS entrepreneurial culture

09 January 2023


In December 2022, Jerry Chen (陳佐亦), an investor at MuckerLab and mentor at our International Mentorship Program, provided his insights on Taiwan’s startup culture as reported in an article by DigiTimes. MuckerLab is a California-based accelerator with more than 11years of experience supporting small businesses not only in North America but also in Asia. On multiple occasions, MuckerLab has ranked among the best 20 accelerators in the United States.

MuckerLab’s investment is not restricted to a specific industry, but due to Taiwan’s renowned high-tech environment, there has been a recent increase in interest in B2B SaaS (Business-to-Business Software-as-a-Service). Although Chen raises the point that Taiwanese startups have issues in terms of adopting innovative solutions, he is aware of the fact that Taiwan’s R&D (Research and Development) talents give Taiwanese startups a comparative advantage in comparison to other regions. 

In contrast to other domestic and foreign accelerators, MuckerLab is relatively flexible in terms of application and incubation time, thus providing tailor-made solutions to the beneficiaries’ needs. We are more than confident Jerry Chen and his team will manage to replicate the same level of support and guidance given to their startups with our students at NTU through our International Mentorship Program. MuckerLab is currently providing a market research analyst intern position and we encourage our students to apply as soon as possible. 

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