【Mentor】Turing Certs envisions a more efficient, secure, & sustainable future through digitalization

18 January 2023


Despite its adverse effects across all economic sectors, the Covid-19 pandemic opened a new window of opportunities for developing high-tech solutions. Turing Certs saw this opportunity and grasped it to become one of the most promising blockchain-based startups. As of today, Turing Certs provides block-chains certification to more than 110 institutions, governments, and schools across nine countries. Some organizations that benefited from Turing Cert's innovative system include Harvard University, Berkeley University, the Taipei City Government, and National Taiwan University. 

The company founded by our NTU international mentorship program mentor, Jeff Hu, also has ambitious plans for the future. Turing Certs has recently grabbed global attention by collaborating with a prominent company specializing in data analytics, Dun and Bradstreet. Both are working on providing the first ESG (Economic, Social & Governance) blockchain certificate, thus meeting the modern-day demands for more socially responsible companies. Furthermore, apart from starting a cross-border identity project, Turing Certs aims to be listed on America's NASDAQ by 2027.  

Turing Certs is currently providing two vacancies in the area of business development through our International Mentorship Program. Given that the average age of the startup members is 25 years old, we believe this will be a unique opportunity for our NTU students to work in a young and dynamic professional environment. In addition, every student who completes the NTU International Mentorship Program will receive a blockchain certificate of completion provided by Turing Certs. We encourage our NTU students to apply as soon as possible, as our 2023 IMP application has already started!

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