【Organization】Perfect expects to begin trading at the New York Stock Exchange

10 February 2023


Perfect is not like any other beauty company; Perfect aims to transform the beauty industry by combining the highest level of augmented reality (“AR”) and artificial intelligence (“AI”). Since Perfect's inception in 2015, major companies such as Alibaba Group, Snapchat, and Goldman Sachs have always supported it financially as they strongly believed in the company’s vision and mission. Not long ago, though, Perfect merged with Provident Acquisition, a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC), raising the company valuation to around USD 1 billion, making it Taiwan’s third software unicorn. 

As reported across multiple media outlets, Perfect started to trade at the New York Stock Exchange in October of last year. This is unsurprising as Perfect’s enterprise solutions are utilized by 95% of the world’s top 20 beauty groups across 80 countries. However, despite its increase in global visibility, Perfect has maintained a strong connection with its roots. With offices across eleven countries, Perfect’s founder, Alice Chang, has set Taiwan as its primary operation center to hire the best talents in Taiwan.  

In line with its recent growth, Perfect is looking for two interns to support the Marketing and Communication team. For these two vacancies, the manager of the Marcom department, Jessy Hu, will provide her expertise after working over 15 years in the field. If you are an NTU student interested in fashion trends, knowledgeable in graphic design, and have strong writing skills, then Perfect might be the “perfect” fit.

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