【Mentor】CakeResume is fastly rising to become Asia's largest professional social network

10 February 2023


During the past six years, CakeResume has evolved from a single-person startup to a strong 30+ team managing an app with more than 2.2 million users worldwide. As a result of their most recent seed round funding, CakeResume aspires to become the Asian equivalent of LinkedIn by becoming the largest professional social network in the Asia Pacific. This objective seems exceedingly feasible, considering that CakeResume is one (if not already) the largest resume developer app in Taiwan and Indonesia. 

In fact, since its inception, the Taiwanese-based startup has outgrown being just a simple CV creator app. Through its collaboration with multiple tech giants such as Amazon Web Services, Google, and TSMC, CakeResume aims to provide its 500,000+ talent pool with further opportunities to land jobs inside the world’s largest companies. In addition, its “portfolio” feature acts as one of the company’s value propositions by allowing users to showcase their photos, projects, and articles, among others. 

As a former NTU student, CakeResume founder & CEO Trantor Liu has decided to give back to his alma mater by becoming a sponsor at our International Mentorship Program. CakeResume offers 2023 IMP applicants the three months Advanced Plan Subscription for free! Furthermore, under the mentorship of Trantor Liu and associate marketing manager Sidney Chen, CakeResume will provide three marketing intern opportunities for the 2023 edition of the International Mentorship Program. 

*Disclosure: The three months Advanced Plan Subscription is only applicable for students who PASS the first round interview by NTU OIA.

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