【Organization】Ubiik aims to expand its reach in North American through new partnership with Realtek

14 March 2023


Ubiik has partnered with Realtek Semiconductor Corporation to deliver Nimbus 220, an NB-IoT (NarrowBand Internet of Things) module based on the Realtek RTL9518 chipset. The cooperation between these two tech giants is an important development for the utility and IoT markets in the US for multiple reasons. With NB-IoT using as little as 180 kHz of the spectrum and scaling up by utilizing numerous carriers simultaneously, companies currently using this band can add standard-compliant NB-IoT to deliver affordable, long-range connectivity to low-power or low-throughput devices.

Founder and CEO of Ubiik, Tienhaw Peng, has recently commented that: "This advanced module, when paired with our Ubiik goRAN™ base station, offers a cost-efficient 3GPP solution for implementing smart grid, AMI, and other IoT applications within the Upper 700 MHz spectrum." By joining forces with Realtek, Ubiik aims to expand its reach in the North American market and provide customers with reliable private LTE connectivity. 

As with Realtek, Ubiik is also a partner like no other regarding IMP. The company currently offers SIX internship vacancies in this year's mentorship program, with positions ranging from embedded system intern and web & platform intern to marketing intern and AI & data analysis intern. With Clément Dieudonne (Vice President of Global Product Marketing), Fabian Petitgrand (CTO), and Alexander Grishin (Manager of AI team) as mentors, NTU students can rest assured they will be learning from the best of the best in their field when joining the International Mentorship Program.

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