【Mentor】Four NTU International Mentorship Program Mentors were selected to be the Leaders of Tomorrow on Gen.T List 2023

03 July 2023

GEN.T, a content community platform founded by Tatler Asia, is dedicated to amplifying the influence of exceptional young leaders across Asia. Out of over 1,000 candidates this year, 35 Taiwanese individuals have been recoginzed as the Leaders of Tomorrow, with four of them serving as our mentors in the International Mentorship Program. These mentors are actively shaping the future of Asia in their respective professional fields.

Trantor Liu, the Founder and CEO of CakeResume, initially started his business with a resume generator tool and has successfully built a career community of over 5 million people. Through his platform,Trantor assists job seekers and companies in finding the right opportunities and talent.

Jeff Hu, the Founder and CEO of Turing Certs. He utilizes blockchain technology to digitize traditional paper certificates, addressing the issue of misinformation and fake message verification in the digital world. His platform now serves more than 150 authoritative organizations across nine countries and regions.

Chiayo KUO, the Founder and President of Taiwan Digital Diplomacy Association, is another accomplished mentor. Chiayo is dedicated to promoting participatory mindset in public diplomacy and has led numerous multinational projects that enhance Taiwan's international community. Her efforts encourage more young people to engage in diplomatic innovation, thereby opening up new possibilities for Taiwan's diplomatic channels.

Rich Chen, the Co-Founder and CEO of Impact Hub Taipei, is the final mentor on the list. Rich established a co-working space, impact incubator, and sustainability consultant, which became the first to be certified as a B Corporation. His organization is committed to creating sustainable social impact within Taiwan.

Congratulations to these exceptional mentors for being selected as the Leaders of Tomorrow on the Gen.T List 2023! If you aspire to explore your future career path under the guidance of these outstanding mentors, stay tuned to the International Mentorship Program to discover who else will be joining us!

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