Sign Up Now! Workshop II for the 2024 NTU IMP: How to Effectively Communicate and Present Yourself in the Workplace

14 March 2024

NTU Int’l Mentorship Program is back with another exciting event!

We will host the second workshop at the end of March, focusing on "How to Effectively Communicate and Present Yourself in the Workplace." The first session will feature three speakers sharing their academic and career experiences to help students explore diverse aspects of career development. Unlike previous workshops, the second session will involve roundtable discussions, allowing students to learn about topics of interest and engage in in-depth discussions with speakers and other participants.

Colin Giles, CEO of The British Chamber of Commerce in Taipei, who has extensive experience working across different countries and cultures, will share insights into workplace communication styles and differences in various cultures, as well as how to handle cross-cultural workplace communication. Jennifer Wang, Regional Executive Vice President of Asia-Pacific at TÜV Rheinland, who has transitioned from political science to a long-term focus on the railway industry, will share insights into how to showcase self-advantages and professional capabilities when applying for cross-disciplinary jobs. Donghui Lu, Corporate Vice President of Front End Manufacturing & Head of Taiwan Micron Technology, who has played key leadership roles in the Technology industry for many years, will share insights into the thinking and job-seeking secrets required for working there.

Event Details:

Date: March 26, 2024 (Tuesday), 18:00 – 21:30
Venue: NTU GIS NTU Convention Center, The Socrates Hall
Participant: All NTU Students and Faculty Members
Language: Conducted entirely in English
Moderator: Mr. Johnny Wu, Head and Director of Global Relations, NTU OIA
List of Speakers:

  • Mr. Colin GILES, CEO, British Chamber of Commerce in Taipei (BCCT) → Intercultural Communication
  • Ms. Jennifer WANG, Regional Executive Vice President of Asia-Pacific, TÜV Rheinland → Self-Advantages and Professional Presentation
  • Mr. Donghui LU, Corporate Vice President of Front End Manufacturing & Head of Micron Taiwan, Micron Technology → Self-Advantages and Professional Presentation in the Technology Industry

Registration Link:


- Registration is open from now until March 19, 2024 (Tuesday), limited to 120 participants. Students are encouraged to register early!

- Priority will be given to the successful applicants for the NTU International Mentorship Program, Overseas Internship Program, and iNGO Academy, and successful applicants for 2024 IMP will earn an additional 10 bidding points.

- Students who successfully register but are absent without reason will have their attendance records considered in future selections for other talent development programs.

- The workshop provides 3 hours of lifelong learning for government employees.

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