【Workshop】NTU International Mentorship Program Workshop II: How to Effectively Communicate and Present Yourself in the Workplace

26 March 2024

The NTU International Mentorship Program recently wrapped up its second workshop on March 26th, attracting over 120 students from 25 different countries. The event featured three seasoned industry executives who shared insights into their academic and career paths, along with invaluable tips on navigating cross-cultural communication and professional self-presentation in the workplace.

Key Insights from the Workshop:

  1. "Never say no to a challenge." – Mr. Colin GILES, CEO, British Chamber of Commerce in Taipei (BCCT)

Transitioning from telecommunications engineering to the business realm and adapting to the nuances of Asian workplace culture, Mr. Giles encouraged students to adopt a mindset of embracing challenges. He urged them to explore diverse cultural perspectives and remain flexible and curious in fostering effective cross-cultural communication.

  1. "No need for regrets; each decision you've made in the past has contributed to the person you've become today." – Ms. Jennifer WANG, Regional Executive Vice President of Asia-Pacific, TÜV Rheinland

Ms. Wang shared her unconventional career trajectory from social sciences to the technology industry. As the first female vice president of TÜV Rheinland Taiwan, Ms. Wang's journey exemplified the significance of embracing one's unique path. She inspired students to overcome challenges, emphasizing that even introverts can excel in leadership roles with dedication and practice. Continuous learning and a commitment to personal growth were highlighted as essential factors for success.

  1. "Keep an eye on the big picture, but focus on the present moment." – Dr. Donghui LU, Corporate Vice President of Front End Manufacturing & Head of Micron Taiwan, Micron Technology

Stressing the importance of understanding both industry trends and the finer details of their profession, Dr. Lu encouraged students to focus on developing not only technical skills but also essential soft skills like critical thinking and teamwork. By highlighting the evolving expectations of employers in the technology industry, Dr. Lu provided valuable insights into navigating career paths in this dynamic field.

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