【Organization】NTU's Int’l Mentorship Program: Facilitating Global Talent Acquisition for Taiwan Enterprises

10 April 2024

National Taiwan University (NTU) has launched the International Mentorship Program to connect international students with Taiwanese companies. The program has attracted over a hundred companies and high-level executives as mentors. Matthieu Nochemond Desir, a graduate from Haiti, successfully transitioned to a role at Pegatron through the program.

NTU's program, started in 2022, aims to assist over 3,000 international students in finding roles in Taiwanese companies. Major companies like Innolux, LEGO, Micron, and Decathlon have participated, resulting in 165 mentorship pairings.

Desir's experience exemplifies the program's success. Interning at Pegatron's R&D Center, his performance led to a full-time offer. Despite challenges like language barriers, programs like this help international interns succeed.

The program not only attracts and retains international talent but also enhances Taiwan's position as a hub for talent development. As more companies join, Taiwan's reputation as a destination for international talent is strengthened.

In conclusion, NTU's International Mentorship Program showcases successful collaboration between academia and industry, benefiting students and companies alike. In the midst of a labor shortage, creating a more welcoming work environment for foreign nationals and attracting more exceptional overseas talents like Desir will be a crucial challenge for Taiwan in the future. The mentorship program serves as a noteworthy practice to consider.

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