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30 April 2024

2024 Carrefour Culture and Arts Festival | @Pingtung

The 2024 Carrefour Cultural and Arts Festival is set to take place in Pingtung from May 10th to May 12th. The festival will feature three major night performances: on 5/10 (Fri) by the Paper Windmill Theatre Group, on 5/11 (Sat) by the Tendrum Art Percussion Group, and on 5/12 (Sun) by the Coming True Fire Group, showcasing top international-level teams delivering spectacular performances. In addition, there will be local daytime performances and a bazaar offering delicious and sustainable options. Don't miss out!

  • Night Performances
    Doors open at 18:00 with gift giveaways
    Official show starts at 19:00
  • Local Daytime Performances 13:00-18:00
    Featuring 10 local and emerging arts and cultural groups presenting exciting performances
  • Bazaar 13:00-20:00
    Featuring nearly a hundred booths that offer delicious, entertaining, and sustainable options

Location: Pingtung Civic Park (No. 133, Taitang St., Pingtung City, Pingtung County)

Animal-Friendly X Vegetarian-Friendly X Environmental-Friendly X Sustainable X Exclusive Collaboration

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