【Organization】Taiwan’s Pegatron Chair Calls for "Golden Combination" of Energy Sources

31 May 2024

Tung Tzu-hsien speaks at an ESG forum. (CNA photo)

Pegatron Chair Tung Tzu-hsien said on April 24th that Taiwan should pursue an energy policy that comprises a “golden combination” of nuclear power, green energy, and coal.

At a forum on environmental, social, and governance (ESG), Tung discussed topics such as nuclear power and the AI industry, per CNA.

Tung said that while pursuing green energy is commendable, it is intermittent. For example, during hot summer nights when air conditioning is needed, solar power generation may not be possible due to lack of sunlight, and over reliance on solar power could lead to intermittent power supply and blackouts.

Tung stressed that green energy must be accompanied by a portion of basic load generation, which can come from coal and nuclear power. He cautioned that while coal can complement green energy, its downside is the severe PM 2.5 (fine particulate matter) pollution it causes.

Therefore, for the sake of efficiency and balance, Tung suggested that nuclear power, renewable energy, and coal be used as energy sources together. This policy uses three sources, which can significantly reduce air pollution and costs, while also ensuring base-load and avoiding reliance on a single power source, Tung argued.

Tung cited France as heavily reliant on a single source, with 70% of its power generation coming from nuclear power. He noted that Taiwan’s situation does not support such reliance, but it could consider increasing the percentage of nuclear power to 20% or 25%, similar to the U.S. where nuclear power accounts for approximately 20% of total electricity generation.

Tung added that if Taiwan insisted on eliminating fossil fuels, then a combination of nuclear and green energy could be used.

Tung is the co-founder of Asus and has served as Pegatron’s chair since 2007. NTU IMP is honored to have Pegatron as one of our partner organizations, collaborating with the leading electronics manufacturing company to provide students with industry insights and practical experience.

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