【Mentor】NTU IMP Mentor Irene Tsai Bridges Cultures: Introducing Washington State to Taiwanese Audience

04 June 2024

Irene Tsai, a prominent mentor in our NTU international mentorship program, recently appeared on a Taiwanese TV show to introduce Washington State to the Taiwanese audience. With vast experience in trade and investment development, Ms. Tsai has been representing the Washington office in Taiwan since 2023.

She mentioned that Washington State hosts key industries such as aerospace, semiconductors, and cloud computing, with world-renowned companies like Boeing headquartered there. This dynamic environment attracts investors from around the globe, including many from Taiwan. Moreover, Taiwan supports Washington in its green initiatives aimed at achieving carbon neutrality.

In addition to strong economic ties, Washington State is a popular destination for Taiwanese tourists, who visit landmarks like the Space Needle, the Museum of Flight, and Chihuly Garden and Glass.

No matter what area of cooperation we are talking about—whether it's business, agriculture, tourism, education, or culture—all of it is implemented with the help of the Washington office in Taiwan and Ms. Tsai personally. Her professional background makes her a valuable asset to the NTU mentorship program and we are excited to see our students learn and grow under Ms. Tsai's guidance.

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