【Organization】TSMC Announces NT$4 Billion Donation to Cultivate Semiconductor Talent

06 June 2024

TSMC held a board meeting on June 5th, approving a capital budget of approximately $17 billion and a donation of NT$4 billion to several universities for long-term semiconductor research, teaching, and talent development. The recipient universities include National Taiwan University, National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University, etc.

TSMC explained that the capital budget is intended to support long-term capacity planning based on market demand forecasts and technology development roadmaps. The budget will fund: 1. The establishment and upgrade of advanced process capacity; 2. The establishment and upgrade of advanced packaging, mature, and specialized process capacities; 3. Plant construction and facility engineering.

Additionally, the board approved a donation of up to NT$4 billion to selected domestic universities and high schools to further support semiconductor education and talent cultivation.

The board also sanctioned a capital increase of up to $5 billion for TSMC's wholly-owned subsidiary, TSMC Global Ltd., to reduce foreign exchange hedging costs.

Continuing its collaboration with NTU IMP, TSMC offers internship opportunities for students to gain comprehensive knowledge and direct experience in semiconductor manufacturing.

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