Turing Chain



Turing Chain, founded in 2020 by Jeff Hu, operates under the U.S. startup Turing Space, with a notable branch in Turing Japan. Rooted in blockchain technology, we tackle intricate verification challenges across a spectrum of industries. We aspire to be recognized as the "cornerstone of international trust delivery" by 2050, setting the goal of establishing a borderless digital trust network, and progressing towards the shared era of Web3.0.

By leveraging the unique attributes of blockchain: zero forgery, real-time verification, paperless solutions, and complete traceability, we have developed our product, Turing Certs. This solution successfully addresses the verification and management concerns of issuers, recipients, and validating institutions. Our product is currently utilized in 9 countries and regions, adopted by over 300 government departments and academic institutions, with tens of thousands of certificates issued, spanning academic credentials, medical certificates, real estate contracts, carbon credit certifications, and more.

Our Mission:
- Make Trust Accessible
- Building a secure, reliable, convenient, and borderless digital infrastructure


No. 335, Ruiguang Rd., Neihu Dist., Taipei City 114063