Great Tree Pharmacy



Great Tree Pharmacy was approved and registered on May 15, 2001. Its main business scope includes the sales and distribution of various pharmaceuticals, health supplements, maternal and child products, and cosmetics. The company also offers drug procurement services for various clinics, joint outpatient centers, and medical clusters. Additionally, it serves as an agent for both domestic and international best-selling health products for clinics, joint outpatient centers, and medical communities within clustered medical zones.

The Commonwealth Magazine conducts 2,000 major surveys annually across various industries in Taiwan, recording the growth of businesses throughout the island. Based on their published survey results for the year 2022, Greattree was ranked 154th in the overall service industry performance, advancing 24 positions compared to the previous year 2020. Furthermore, Greattree secured the top spot in the pharmaceutical and healthcare services sector.

In the year 2022, Greattree achieved a consolidated operating revenue of 14.6 billion NT dollars and a consolidated after-tax net profit of 700 million NT dollars, representing a growth of 29.11% and 71.79% respectively compared to the previous year 2021. These figures marked historic highs for the company. Additionally, by the end of2022, Greattree had expanded its network to 299 stores, making it the leading pharmacy chain in Taiwan in terms of the number of retail outlets.


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 18F., No. 186, Fuxing Rd., Taoyuan Dist., Taoyuan City 330046