Taiwan Digital Diplomacy Association

Taiwan Digital Diplomacy Association



Taiwan Digital Diplomacy Association (TDDA) is an innovative and vibrant NGO with members based in Taiwan, the US, Vietnam, and other locations worldwide. Through the strategic application of digital diplomacy, TDDA aims to promote global partnerships by creating digital content and hosting real-life events as part of the innovation in public diplomacy.

Recognizing that participation carries more weight than mere contributions, over the past five years, TDDA has traveled and launched projects in collaboration with 25+ countries. Our work has also been featured in 300+ international media outlets, including Vietnam, Kosovo, Honduras, and the United States, with participation from 40+ embassies and diplomatic institutes based in Taiwan, as well as non-diplomatic associations.


No.1, Yumen Rd., Zhongshan Dist., Taipei City 104027, Taiwan (R.O.C.)