Carrefour Taiwan



Carrefour was created in France in 1959. In 1966, the third store opened in France. It is the world's first retail group and is the biggest local large-scale retailer in France, Europe and Taiwan.-->{C}-->{C}

Carrefour's famous and striking red, blue and white corporate logo is short-lived but meaningful - it contains Carrefour's corporate vision and commitment to consumers. Our corporate logo first appeared in 1966, with the design concept inspired by Carrefour's initial C, with an arrow of Jiajia C extending at the right end and a red arrow at the left, symbolizing customers from all directions. It is based on the English translation of "Every family is happy again", which fully echoes Carrefour's business philosophy.

Carrefour now has more than 100 stores and has a variety of home-type stores, including retail stores, supermarkets and online shopping, etc. Looking forward to hosting students who are prudent, practical, have an entrepreneurial spirit, and an international mindset. Join us soon!


5F, No.136, Daye Rd., Beitou Dist., Taipei 112028, Taiwan (R.O.C.)