Tonglit Logistics



The goal of Tonglit Logistics Co., Ltd. is to practice the so-called “smart port” and “smart logistics”. The most important job for our department, which is directly under the General Manager, is to stimulate creative ideas about the newest and suitable business model for our company. Some of the topics for us to discuss include; Internet of Vehicle, Internet of Things, and Green Energy.

First of all, the business of importing and exporting vehicles is a vital section of Tonglit Logistics, so we have to follow the newest information of Internet of Vehicle.

Secondly, the operation of logistics is also a great part of our company. The focal points are automation equipment, cloud computing, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and the techniques which would help us improve the efficiency of operation and management.

Finally, since we aim to reduce our carbon emission in the future, the development of green energy is more and more important in our policy. 


No. 15, Xiazhuwei, Bali Dist., New Taipei City 249002