Office of International Affairs, National Taiwan University

Office of International Affairs, National Taiwan University



The Office of International Affairs (OIA) at National Taiwan University (NTU) is responsible for developing the University's world strategy. The OIA plays a vital role in NTU's pursuit of excellence through the integration of international partnerships and the creation of global opportunities in the interests of students, faculty and staff from NTU and from our world partners as well as in support of global engagement.

Our missions include:
- Partnerships: NTU maintains formal academic partnerships with more than 600 institutions in 67 countries. NTU OIA seeks not only to deepen those relationships but also to cultivate new ones continually. 
- Mobility: NTU OIA provides our students, faculty, and staff with optimal international mobility, facilitating extensive exchange, research, and study-abroad opportunities. 
- Diversity and Inclusion: NTU OIA strives to build a diverse community of international students, enhancing aid to underrepresented and marginalized students and promoting policies and practices that mitigate structural inequalities.
- Environment: Cooperating with offices and departments across NTU, OIA aims to increase multilingual and multicultural spaces on campus, facilitate cross-cultural exchange between local and international communities, and enhance student support services.