European Values Center for Security Policy

European Values Center for Security Policy



European Values Center for Security Policy is a non-governmental, non-partisan institute defending freedom and sovereignty. They protect liberal democracy, the rule of law, and the transatlantic alliance of the Czech Republic. They help defend Europe, especially from the malign influences of Russia and China. Their vision is a free, safe, and prosperous Czechia within a vibrant Central Europe that is an integral part of the transatlantic community and is based on a firm alliance with the USA.

Since 2005, as a non-governmental and non-profit organization that is not linked to any political party, they have pursued research and educational activities. In addition to publishing analytical papers and commentaries for the media, they organize conferences, seminars, and training sessions, especially for professionals. The mission of the Taiwan Office of the European Values Center for Security Policy is to foster exchanges between primarily Central European and Taiwanese experts on security-oriented topics and strengthen cooperation between Central Europe and Taiwan on matters of defense, foreign policy, and security policy.


1 F., No. 18, Ln. 26, Pucheng St., Da’an Dist., Taipei City 106013