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Deutsche Windtechnik Group, a trailblazer in global wind power system services based in Bremen, Germany, and boasting service locations across Europe, the Americas, and a recent expansion in Taiwan, invites skilled professionals to join our dynamic team.

As the foremost wind turbine service provider in Germany, Deutsche Windtechnik is at the forefront of delivering comprehensive system services for wind turbines worldwide. With a portfolio covering over 7,000 wind turbines through maintenance service contracts and a workforce exceeding 1,900 employees spread across Europe, the United States, and Taiwan, we consistently set the highest global standards in wind power maintenance and services.

What distinguishes Deutsche Windtechnik from numerous service providers worldwide is our unwavering commitment to service excellence and our diverse expertise in wind power technology. Our team is dedicated to continuously enhancing personal efficiency and upholding peak performance levels, ensuring the delivery of top-notch service to our valued customers through the utilization of cutting-edge technology and cost-effective solutions.

As experts in wind power systems, Deutsche Windtechnik offers a varied range of specialized system services for both onshore and offshore wind power. This encompasses hardware maintenance, diverse mechanical inspections and handling, software development and maintenance, as well as comprehensive management and optimization operations—all falling under the purview of Deutsche Windtechnik's extensive service offerings. Join us in driving the future of sustainable energy with passion and expertise!


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