CancerFree Biotech



CancerFree Biotech Ltd. is a startup company. It is based on innovative precision medicine and focuses on in vitro amplification of Circulating tumor cells Derived Organoid (CDO) and the related analysis. The proprietary platform E.V.A. (Ex Vivo Avatar) can fast expand patient-derived cancer cells from blood and provide patients a precise drug screening report for developing strategies against cancers at all stages. Furthermore, this technology can be a critical component for other cancer industries, such as cell therapy and new drug development. CancerFree Biotech Ltd. tries to bring the achievement of the laboratory's research to society in order to be the help of patients and physicians.

CancerFree Biotect’s philosophy is  “Doing the right thing” “Putting the patient first” and“Leading with exceptional ideas”.


3F-2, No. 56, Ln. 258, Ruiguang Rd., Neihu Dist., Taipei City 114062, Taiwan (R.O.C.)