Walsin Lihwa



Established in 1966, Walsin Lihwa dedicates itself to the development of wire and cable, stainless steel, commodity resources, real estate, and renewable energies. As a leader in the wire and cable and the stainless steel industry in the Greater China region, the company has also expanded itself into a multinational conglomerate with hi-tech and energy investments. As a listed company in the Taiwan Stock Exchange since 1972, Walsin’s consolidated revenue for the year 2022 was NT$180.4 billion. Till today, we have more than 10 sites for production plants and sales offices with approximately 10,000 employees globally.

Walsin Lihwa has ranked among the top 5% of the Corporate Governance Evaluation, received Taiwan’s Top 100 Sustainable Model Business Award, and been included into three important Taiwan stock market indexes. At the aspect of talent development, we have been actively nurturing the younger generation in practical scenarios, building a solid foundation in operational aspects through hands-on experiences, and transitioning from learning to implementing towards digital work models. We aim to build up a resilient workplace via the commitment to friendly culture, deep connections with people to enable talents’ motives and energies for cross-domain and cross-regional development and furthermore to promote industry-academia collaboration, help resolve social development issues with corporate resources, and extend Walsiner’s connections outwardly.


25F, No. 1, Songzhi Rd., Xinyi Dist., Taipei City 110411